Friday, December 25, 2015

[REMIX/EDIT] Festen vs Sebjak , Jebu - Wassup Vegas (Robert Lëwis x Bloodmonë NEJ Edit)

Figured we'd leak one of the tracks we're going to be using in our next Podcast Live Set Broadcast! A little old gem by Festen reworked by us Bloodmonë. Festen "Wassup Vegas" Definitely going to be a unique set from us and featuring a lot of our work. We rarely have time to be jumping behind the decks these days since we're working real hard on our new when we know its going to be special! Check out our twitter or instagram for tickets & livestream options.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

[REMIX] Thomas Newson - Summer Vibes (Robert Lëwis x Bloodmonë NEJ Remix)

Releasing a ton of new music during these upcoming 2 months. A ton of projects ive been wrapping up. Every week I'll be releasing 1 new track out of my studio. It could be a Remix, Original Track, Edit, or Bootleg. Depends what I wrap up first.