Monday, August 15, 2016

[YOUTUBE] Deadmau5 - Strobelight (Robert Lëwis x Bloodmonë NEJ Edit)

A remix but sometimes people get butthurt so We called it an edit...although its a remix...but its an "edit"...Well its finally done and fully mastered!! Get you a copy! Anyways...Finally 1080p'ed the whole thing and up now on YouTube!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

[REMIX] Signum - Knock Knock (Bloodmonë x Robert Lëwis Ibiza 2016 Remix)

Our Remix of Signum's "Knock Knock" we made for the Ibiza 2016 Parties. Just bought a new laptop since our old one died so this should've been posted up a long time ago but here it is...almost finished. We've been using this version for now but still needs to be worked on a bit more in the studio. no worries...It'll be done soon. We usually do my style Electro House but we wanted to try some new stuff by flipping it around & trying Bloodmonë's Trance style for a bit.